2016 ....The O'Brien Awakens

I have been in hibernation. Difficult to explain but the whole tech side of this mad business completely managed to fill me with dread and foreboding, like waiting to see what the new Star Wars movies would be like. I liked it, I got a free ticket which always helps. I also I made the huge mistake of dressing up in costume. Now I probably shouldn't have attempted Princess Leia, but I thought it would be unique...only joking! I went as Han Solo, white shirt, black waistcoat , and a black microphone as a weapon. I thought that was a master stroke of genius.
When we arrived at the private screening (ooooooh) my daughter gave me one of her hard stares  (step aside Paddington), you see I had read the invite and I understood it to mean everyone comes in character dress.
Well, I read it wrong, and Millie and I were most definitely in the minority, apart from the under 10's who were very well represented.

We didn't win the best costume prize, that went to a 9-year old Stormtrooper.
But we also didn't win the worst prize either, probably because there wasn't one.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening.
And thank-you George for letting JJ be the Director.

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