Day 1 Fall Tour 2016

Day 1 Fall Tour 2016 September 7th 

I'm sitting at YVR already missing the family and the Capucchino and muffins at Eric's place, you all have to go to Township Coffee. 
I think this tour is 52 days. Details (I've written them down somewhere) I start off properly in Switzerland (just a short stop off in Bavaria to get the Lederhosen altered. I've lost weight surprisingly), where I'm doing some shows and workshops in schools. 

As I was driving to the airport in Victoria this morning we passed a police cavalcade coming from the airport heading to town. My son Cormac said it was William and Kate on the start of their visit. Well, are they going to be bummed when they find out The O'Briens won't be at Bastion Square. Someone "royally" (sorry) screwed up there. 

"Your Highness.......*pause*......we have a problem." 

"What's the matter Jeeves? (sorry again ) Have you forgotten to pack my Maple leaf boxers Justin sent me?" 

"No, your Highness, it's just that the O'Briens have quit playing....*longer pause*....they felt it was time apparently, although many are saying it's just a publicity stunt. Others have said it was too much for the old guy, apparently his head had started to shrink." 

"Right! Stop the car!" 

Keep right on, 


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