Day 5 Fall Tour 2016

Day 5 Fall Tour September 11th, 2016

I arrived in Switzerland early Friday evening. My buddy Andy picked me up from Schmerikon train station. From Schmerikon (I like saying Schmerikon so I will most likely overuse it) we went to Jona (which I also like saying but not as much as Schmerikon.) 

I don't know if I've mentioned it but in Germany, Switzerland, and Schmerikon summer is back with a vengeance. It has been 30 degrees on average since I arrived and it's a humid heat, so I've got a constant "just had a shower" look going on without the pleasant fragrance. 

Now all of you who have read any of my travel reports will know that I simply adore Switzerland; it's gorgeous, the people are gentle and kind, and the way of life, particularly in Schmerikon (ok I'll stop), is heaven on earth. But like anywhere there are a few things which could be improved. Switzerland can be a little expensive. For instance, whilst on the train from St Gallen to Schmerikon (sorry, but that time I had no choice) I found myself in need of a drink so I headed for the vending machine, and there I took out a small bank loan in order to buy my favourite drink, Rivella. It's a great drink, and I will most likely leave the empty bottle in my will for one of the kids. Also whilst on the train from St Gallen (ahh gotcha! You were expecting me to say Schmerikon again...Doh!) I found myself in need of the restroom. My seat was situated quite close to the restroom, and I had thought it slightly odd that not many people seemed to use it, and when they did they seemed to come out quicker than usual. I don't normally study people's washroom habits, it was just that my  iPad was low on battery. So I went in and it all became suddenly clear. This facility was the hole in the train floor variety. I'd read about this in history books, but the sight of the railway line had the effect of shutting down my lower intestine, which resulted in asking myself why I was even there. I exited the WC and sat down and, thinking about this blog, thought about getting a photo but stopped myself when I thought how odd it might look to my fellow passengers, the sight of me returning to the washroom, with my iPad. 

Perhaps I'll start a charity when I get home to try and raise money for the Swiss. They are such a nice people, they deserve better. 

That evening we went for a pizza and it was amazing. The evening got even better when I found to my delight that the plumbing was of the modern variety. 
'Nuff said. 

Keep right on, 

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