Day 8 Fall Tour 2016

2016 Fall Tour September 14th Day 8 
Sorry I missed a few days.... 

I start off so well; my intentions and expectations are high, like a Leicester City supporter, but...there is always a but. 

The tour has well and truly started. I'm currently doing a five day singing and performing workshop in Uznach, Switzerland, which is not so easy to say as Sch...but you know that. 

On Sunday I went for a walk to the shore of Lake Zurich, a truly scrumptious place. I thought about going for a swim, decided against it as my six pack always seems to make the other men around me feel a little insecure. It is so hot here at the moment, on average 31 degrees, and so I headed off to another favourite place of mine, the Bachlihof. A wonderful farm shop, restaurant, orchard, family gathering place, and the Mecca for pumpkins. If you happen to be a pumpkin, there can surely be no greater honour than to be chosen to appear at the Bachlihof. If you love pumpkins, well, I think the pictures say more than I ever could. 

As I mentioned, I'm having a ball in school, working with the most beautiful of children, and staff. I'm acutely aware I always say this, but in every school I visit it's pretty much always the same. Excitement, joy, anticipation, uncontrollable energy....and that's just from the Janitor. 

On Tuesday night, joined by my good friends Rolf and Andy, I went to see FC Basel play against Ludo Garetz in the Champions League. It was my first ever Champions League game. As a Birmingham City fan I never thought I'd see a Champions League game, and I will most likely never see my team compete at that level, but to be at a game where the music from Handel comes over the sound system, it's fair to say there was gaensehaut. 

The game was interesting, but had the worst refereeing, and I used to do it. 
To watch a game of footy in Europe is such a treat. The game ended 1-1, but to be honest I didn't care. I'd have loved it just as much..... actually, I'm quite sad really. 

Keep right on ......the champions!!!

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