Fall Tour 2016 October 22nd

Fall Tour Blog, somewhere in Germany, perhaps the 6th week? 
(The details get a little sketchy after a few weeks on the road.) 

I am on a train from Hamburg to Rodgau, via Hanau. 
I think it's October the 14th. Well, I hope it is as I've got a gig in Rodgau on the 14th...shoot, maybe it was September? 

As usual, I am really good at writing a blog at the start of the tour, but then the gigs start and the trying to hide from all of the screaming fans kicks in and I'm toast, so this is all from memory. 

Back in Switzerland, I decided to record another Solobrien album, but this live recording is a little different than the previous Solobrien recordings. 
For a start it's not a solo recording; I am joined by a dear friend and fellow Canadian Dave Mayer. I met Dave in a barn some years ago (he now has his own house) and he is one of the kindest and most generous people I have had the joy to meet (in a barn) although my heart breaks for him because he is still a Leafs fan. Dave now lives in Switzerland with his wife and daughter. 

We recorded the album on Saturday October 1st 2016 between 1pm and 5pm (if we want to be exact) in Dave and Dennis' (I know, they sound like a removal company) rehearsal room. Dennis kindly gave up his Saturday and engineered the session, and I will be forever grateful to him for his beautiful energy, infectious smile, and for bringing his gorgeous little 3-year-old son Lian to the session. He is quite possibly the chillest 3 year old drummer-tape OP on the planet. On the last track both Dennis and Lian added John Cougar-style clapping. Again, you have my heartfelt thanks.     

The idea behind the Solobrien "franchise" is to re-record old songs that have been previously recorded on my studio albums, and give them a live and raw new life. I also like to preview new tunes, and on this album there are two brand new songs written only 2 weeks earlier in Switzerland, plus 4 songs that were written some time ago but have never been recorded. A huge hug and thanks to my friend Giorgio Cavezzan, who kindly lent me his BSG J10 for the recording. 

Here is the track list:

Solobrien 3 

1. Fly High and Far  
2. Turning of Tides (from the album Dankebar) 
3. Lake of Constance Sorrow  
4. The Letting Go (from the album Take a Chance) 
5. Follow  
6. Forever Road 
7. Take a Chance (from the album Take a Chance) 
8. Belong  
9. Light the Way (from the album Walk Back Home) 
10. In Nomine Patris  
11. American Car (from the album Walk Back Home) 

More to follow... I hope.

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