Fall Tour 2016 September 26th

September 26th Fall Tour Day (can't quite figure out how many days I've been on the road) 

Well I have just completed two weeks in school, done a few shows, and I've survived the late summer in Switzerland. Last Sunday I went to Zurich on a boat; I was joined by Romy, Lloyd, and her 94 year old father, Hans. Hans is an amazing man, fully independent, and fit as a butcher's dog (actually, fitter.) 

Now I'm sure we did exciting things, but to be honest I can't remember. I could make stuff up but I think you'd see straight through me. 

This weekend just passed I visited the incredible Canton province of Graunbundern. It's basically Alberta without the pick-up trucks. I stayed in a typically Swiss hotel (that's what it said outside) but I did wonder if there are any untypical Swiss hotels out there where you can enjoy for extremely cheap prices: 

1. You arrive and it's closed 
2. Nobody says Grutze 
3. The chocolate on your pillow is Cadbury's 
4. The view is of a factory (closed down) 

We visited a Canadian style ranch where the official motto was "Why go to Canada?" I met some really cool people, went for a hike, and then did the cable car experience. I was a little perturbed to see a hospital advertised in the actual car. Doesn't hurt to be prepared I suppose if you get hurt. We spent an hour being mesmerized by the paragliders, soaring above me like exotic birds of prey. 

On the way home I experienced a car train for the very first time. The mountain passes are often closed in the winter and so the Swiss, who are masters of tunnel building and creating milk based soft drinks, made a tunnel through the mountain and have trains which you drive on. This particular tunnel was almost 20km long, and we were literally on an exposed flat bed. It was like being on a ghost train, except it was actually quite alarming. 

I've missed stuff out, I've changed names, and I've rewritten the past, but I'm tired this morning. However I'm getting back my strength whilst listening to the Colombian cleaning lady sing songs. I'm tempted to ask if she knows any Shakira. I'm sure she gets that request all the time and I don't know any other Colombian music personality, so I'll just relax and listen to her voice accompanied by the sweet tones of a Dyson. 



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