FebR?uary 2020


Happy New Year to one and all!

Excited to say I will be back in Europe in February....why has FebRuary got that R?   

Playing some new venues and visiting lots of schools. got myself a travel Ukelele...lets face it…

An Anniversary and a Wedding — Fall 2019 Tour

Dear Friends, 

Even as I write this post it still seems strange to me that this the 10th year of touring Germany. 

It all began back in 2009, when a wonderful man called Michael Behr, from Rotenburg, kindly said he…

New Year Message

Dear Friends, 

Let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and I hope it brings you everything you need. 

We had a wonderful family Christmas. All three of the children stayed with us, and then after…


Fintan's New Music

As many of you may know, my son Fintan is also pursuing a career in music. Today he released his new single and video, "Body." Enjoy.


New album out

Newly released — Years and Not Just Days

Paul O'Brien's newest record "Years and Not Just Days" is out now and available on Apple Music, Spotify, and on CD. Recorded and partly written in his new home of Nova…


Spring Tour 2018 - Blog #1

Spring 2018 - Tour Blog #1 - Sunday February 25th 

Louise has just dropped me off at Halifax Airport. We spent last night watching a high school production of Heathers, which our daughter assistant directed at the school where…

Hello Again (Spring Tour 2018)

Dear Friends, 

Happy New Year; I know it’s late. 

It’s Sunday night, around about 1 degree centigrade. I don’t think I’ve ever enlightened my valued friends on my mailing list about the temperature, but that was my life…

Spring Tour 2017 - Day 6

Good news!!!!! I found my tour schedule book and song lyric journal. After contacting the train company I imagine that, perhaps literally, one or maybe even two people searched the country; a nation was mobilized, put aside for a brief…


Spring Tour 2017 - Day 1

Spring Tour 2017 – Day 1 

As I sit on a crowded IC train headed to Stuttgart, I am feeling reflective as well as sweaty, and stressed, and jet lagged. I should have just stopped at reflective I know. 


Six String Nation

February 24th, 2017
Today, Louise and I drove downtown, not to buy my vast supply of medical supplies for the trip (my wash bag is now heavier than the merchandise case) but rather to meet up with an old friend…


New Album, New Tour

Hey Folks, 
I'm getting ready for my biggest ever European Tour from March 1st - May 9th. 
Dates will be posted in the next few days, plus I am so happy to say that my new album Zufall? will be…


Fall Tour 2016 October 29th

Fall Tour 2016 
October 29th 
On a train from Hamburg-Harburg to Hannover. 

As you know I'm trying to retrospectively piece together the scattered and varied memories from this tour. The last dispatch brought me up to the recording of…