Day 8 Fall Tour 2016

2016 Fall Tour September 14th Day 8 
Sorry I missed a few days.... 

I start off so well; my intentions and expectations are high, like a Leicester City supporter, but...there is always a but. 

The tour has well…


Day 5 Fall Tour 2016

Day 5 Fall Tour September 11th, 2016

I arrived in Switzerland early Friday evening. My buddy Andy picked me up from Schmerikon train station. From Schmerikon (I like saying Schmerikon so I will most likely overuse it) we went…


Day 3 Fall Tour 2016

Day 3 Fall Tour 2016,  September 9th 

I've just found myself a seat on the 1233, Munich to St Gallen train. This tour begins in Switzerland, so that's where I'm heading. 

I spent a wonderful and intimate evening…


Day 2 Fall Tour 2016

Day 2 Fall Tour 2016 September 8th  
(Although it's still technically day 1 for me but we'll let that slide) 

Got to Vancouver Airport and managed a short power meeting with my new administrative CEO. Actually, I headhunted her…


Day 1 Fall Tour 2016

Day 1 Fall Tour 2016 September 7th 

I'm sitting at YVR already missing the family and the Capucchino and muffins at Eric's place, you all have to go to Township Coffee. 
I think this tour is 52 days. Details…


2016 ....The O'Brien Awakens

I have been in hibernation. Difficult to explain but the whole tech side of this mad business completely managed to fill me with dread and foreboding, like waiting to see what the new Star Wars movies would be like. I…

Twenty fish, five Germany’s and a rainbow of embarrassment

The train is a perfect de-stresser for the rush of losing (then finding) a passport. However, I must have looked quite odd to my fellow passengers (nothing new there), smiling to myself at regular intervals with the odd giggle.


Waxing poetic about Lars

Lars scored 3,567 goals here (unverified)

It’s Week 5 on the road and all that fresh energy is now steely perseverance. Thoughts are not so much on the set list or what songs to play for an encore (if…

Excuse me while I fantasize

Heinz, where have you beanz?

Lars and I eventually emerged from our hour-long Zeitz-induced car coma, and continued north to a Nov. 5 show in Berlin.

I’ve played the Petrus-Kirche Music Club since 2009, aided by Gisela and her gallant…

Finding friends in sad places built of rusting fences

Heinz was with us in spirit if not in body

After the most wonderful evening in the sumptuous company of David and Christina, their adorable boys, and of course my dear friend Lars, we saddled up, turned and…

Great venues, great friends and great soup

The 2014 Long May You Sing Tour has begun… the screaming fans, pestering paparazzi, overbearing company execs wanting to endorse their product, earnest TV reporters pleading for the exclusive interview, all of them! Not here, which I think is best!…

Nuns, anchovies and a rhythmic genius

I had a very pleasant Air Canada flight from Calgary to Frankfurt. Got three seats to myself. I had to race down the plane to get them, and in fairness, after all the pushing and shoving, the three elderly nuns…