Leaving the Leaves Behind

Paul O'Brien Leaving the Leaves BehindDeutsch übersetzt von Stephanie HundertmarkIt's a crisp and beautiful autumn morning. My garden is filled with coloured fallen leaves that I know I really should sweep up. However, on October 31 I begin another European tour (the first was across Germany in 2009) and I’m a bit busy!

Of course I will miss Vancouver Island as she makes the transition from autumn to winter. I won't be around to see the first Christmas lights on people's houses in mid November. Yes, mid-November! I will also miss my Millie's 21st birthday. However, given she’s at school 2000 miles away it's not that big a deal, and I will see her at Christmas.

On a very positive note I’ll soon meet up with some of the dearest friends I’ve ever made — Lars, Heinz and Steffi, who care for me and lend their gifts freely to my songs; Stefan Pless; Pat and the Fleig family; Jan and Lee; Dorothee and her amazing family; Romy in Jona; of course Dave, my best Canadian friend not in Canada; and Stefan, Ingo and all my friends in Grevenbroich. The list of reacquaintances I’m looking forward to literally goes on and on.

I’m also looking forward to again experiencing city life in Hamburg; visiting Juli (my favourite restaurant!); seeing my friend, the Elbe; and fighting the urge to sample bratwurst (now that I’m a vegetarian).

To say I feel blessed (or special, if that’s more your mystical slant) is an understatement of the highest order. I’m honoured to be invited to so many venues in both Germany and Switzerland. I’ll be playing songs from my latest album "Long May You Sing" (produced by Stockfisch Records), mixed I hope with many special requests on the night. I’ll also preview songs from my latest project, "The Quietest Voice," which, with a little help from my friends, will be offered to the world late-2015. Please visit the Forum over the weeks to come to learn more. Meanwhile, I’ve got a travel suitcase and guitar case to pack, and, I suppose, I should probably take care of those leaves!

Paul O’Brien

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