Six String Nation

February 24th, 2017
Today, Louise and I drove downtown, not to buy my vast supply of medical supplies for the trip (my wash bag is now heavier than the merchandise case) but rather to meet up with an old friend. Actually, two old friends. 

Jowi Taylor is one of the most determined and driven men I have ever met. He is the force behind Six String Nation. Six String Nation is a guitar built entirely from Canadian materials.  The wood, of course, is from here, with the top being a piece from the fabled Golden Spruce in Haida Gwaii. The guitar has within it 64 unique historical mementos which are actually built into the instrument. 

I had the joy of playing with the guitar on Haida Gwaii some years ago at the Edge of The World Folk Festival. 

I was so moved by the experience that I wrote a little song about the guitar and, but more importantly for me, also about Jowi Taylor himself. 

I was honoured that Donna Williams arranged the song for orchestra, and asked me to perform it with her SMUS orchestra in Victoria.

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