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  1. Not Over Now

From the album Plastic

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It may come at the strangest times
To stand and fight
We’ve been told to raise our voice
For all that’s right
What’s a hero if nothing more
Than one who cries
Who pulls no trigger or shows no door at the inn tonight
It’s not over now

So who are we — When will we learn?
When will we learn — So who are we
That can break a man — It’s time to turn
And we can send him home — It’s time to learn
When will we learn — So who are we?
To let it be — To cast the stones
It’s time to turn — It’s time to turn
It’s not over now

I’ve heard it said so many times that I’ve lost count
Aren’t you supposed to be with us not in your island tower?
I’m not perfect and I will never be
But he knows that
It’s time to take those words away
And bring him back
It’s not over now