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  1. Plastic

From the album Plastic

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I have the wrong accent and I sing the wrong anthem
It’s not my fault but I’ve lived with the shame
You just can’t belong to a fairytale summer
September always comes knocking again

60’s depression fuelled the diaspora
Did they think they would stay for a year or a day?
My past is no different
But the bridge it is broken
I was flesh and blood
Become plastic instead

Now I can put them together again
Birmingham Irish I am I am
The fate of the fathers is lived by the children
Birmingham Irish I am

Grew up through the ‘troubles’ consumed by two cultures
Never call home the place that we lived
Grew up in a city, a city of workers
But sang in the bars songs of my mother and father

You screamed out for Michael as the river flowed faster
You sang out for Ray as the lions he tamed
But when I sang in Digbeth you called me plastic
Am I so different never to be the same?

Plastic is made by a coming together of
Culture and time and necessities hand
Lasting forever and changing for better
Blessed with a future and blessed with a plan

Drinking in London the football fans mingle
Everyone dressed in the Green, White and Gold
Because of an accent bones they were broken
On the same side but not sharing a home.