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  1. Walk Back Home

From the album Plastic

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How did it all come so fast?
Like everyone said that it would
I didn’t believe, surely not us, a child to a child no more

I know you’re changing and I’m changing too
Won’t be easy for both of us
Please know that the words don’t mean what they say
except for the ones ‘I Love You’

And I must let you be who you’re going to be
And I’ll teach you to fly as high as you please
And if you fall, don’t worry, walk back home

I’m pretty useless at being useful
For you in your hour of need
The anger I’m showing is fear that is flowing
And it sometimes brings me to my knees

I see a young beautiful woman
Who sees all my failings and faults
The tide it is turning
Please God I keep learning the measure of silence’s worth