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  1. For My Mary

From the album Plastic

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At 17 when boys they dream of when
They lead the lives of men, just like their fathers
From Shoreham Kent,
Joined the Royal West Regiment
Though his life was spent, by those less worthy

September day, when war had lost it’s joy
Ruled by Eton boys, who knew no mercy,
Civilian clothes, they are a coward’s robes,
So he will die so those can’t dream of freedom.

If I should die all I have to come
I’ll leave to my Mary
I’ve no medals won, to leave for sons
Just shame
For my Mary

When the time it came, to put those wrongs to right
So in stone could write, his name forever
The past it haunts,
Class, it taunts
That this young boy died a deserter

I wave goodbye, handkerchief in hand
While all across the land I hear women weeping
My soldier boy, I’m forever loyal
For I always knew
You died a hero