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  1. Calling Home

From the album Plastic

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Duty calls for a nation’s son as long as he can hold a gun
Black Yellow Red and White will pay a price
Make their mark for sacrifice

So many gave all they had, freedom gifts for foreign lands
And those who died for strangers lay
In lines of graves without a name.

You’ve been gone too long
That’s why they wait for you
You’ve been gone too long, but you’re not alone
They’re going to call you home

Even though you cast no vote
Trade canoe for the soldier’s boat
Cross an ocean to a conquerors land, but once again a proud warrior stands

The home again you came, no fanfares, just the same
A war had just been won,
But the battle’s just begun

I sit and hear a bugle call, and watch the medaled soldiers fall
In line to lay a wreath with a proud salute
A band of brothers so resolute
To fight for rights taken away
Like Cheslatta graves simply washed away
It’s just the same…