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Spring Tour 2018 - Blog #1 

Spring 2018 - Tour Blog #1 - Sunday February 25th 

Louise has just dropped me off at Halifax Airport. We spent last night watching a high school production of Heathers, which our daughter assistant directed at the school where she works. We drove from Bridgetown to Rothesay, New Brunswick (where her school is), which is about a 530 km drive. We took our aging lab, Dooley (he loves Millie) and is always convinced - no matter what - that if it’s a car trip it has to be better than a standard walking trip. 

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Fall Tour 2016 October 22nd 

Fall Tour Blog, somewhere in Germany, perhaps the 6th week? 
(The details get a little sketchy after a few weeks on the road.) 

I am on a train from Hamburg to Rodgau, via Hanau. 
I think it's October the 14th. Well, I hope it is as I've got a gig in Rodgau on the 14th...shoot, maybe it was September? 

As usual, I am really good at writing a blog at the start of the tour, but then the gigs start and the trying to hide from all of the screaming fans kicks in and I'm toast, so this is all from memory. 


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Fall Tour 2016 September 26th 

September 26th Fall Tour Day (can't quite figure out how many days I've been on the road) 

Well I have just completed two weeks in school, done a few shows, and I've survived the late summer in Switzerland. Last Sunday I went to Zurich on a boat; I was joined by Romy, Lloyd, and her 94 year old father, Hans. Hans is an amazing man, fully independent, and fit as a butcher's dog (actually, fitter.) 

Now I'm sure we did exciting things, but to be honest I can't remember. I could make stuff up but I think…

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Day 8 Fall Tour 2016 

2016 Fall Tour September 14th Day 8 
Sorry I missed a few days.... 

I start off so well; my intentions and expectations are high, like a Leicester City supporter, but...there is always a but. 

The tour has well and truly started. I'm currently doing a five day singing and performing workshop in Uznach, Switzerland, which is not so easy to say as Sch...but you know that. 

On Sunday I went for a walk to the shore of Lake Zurich, a truly scrumptious place. I thought about going for a swim, decided against it…

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Day 5 Fall Tour 2016 

Day 5 Fall Tour September 11th, 2016

I arrived in Switzerland early Friday evening. My buddy Andy picked me up from Schmerikon train station. From Schmerikon (I like saying Schmerikon so I will most likely overuse it) we went to Jona (which I also like saying but not as much as Schmerikon.) 

I don't know if I've mentioned it but in Germany, Switzerland, and Schmerikon summer is back with a vengeance. It has been 30 degrees on average since I arrived and it's a humid heat, so I've got a constant "just had…

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Day 3 Fall Tour 2016 

Day 3 Fall Tour 2016,  September 9th 

I've just found myself a seat on the 1233, Munich to St Gallen train. This tour begins in Switzerland, so that's where I'm heading. 

I spent a wonderful and intimate evening in Mering in the company of Pat and Michael Fleig, and their kids, and about 500 locals who had gathered for a spaghetti fundraiser. 

Now let me make this clear, they were not fundraising for more spaghetti, they have plenty, but rather they were paying for a spaghetti dinner Al Fresco, with all…

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Day 2 Fall Tour 2016 

Day 2 Fall Tour 2016 September 8th  
(Although it's still technically day 1 for me but we'll let that slide) 

Got to Vancouver Airport and managed a short power meeting with my new administrative CEO. Actually, I headhunted her, she's got a nice head...she would have, she's my daughter. Whilst discussing high powered business stuff like my overuse of ellipses..... ....... ..... Apparently it wasn't actually Will and Kate's cavalcade but rather our very own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's. Well The O'Briens…

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Day 1 Fall Tour 2016 

Day 1 Fall Tour 2016 September 7th 

I'm sitting at YVR already missing the family and the Capucchino and muffins at Eric's place, you all have to go to Township Coffee. 
I think this tour is 52 days. Details (I've written them down somewhere) I start off properly in Switzerland (just a short stop off in Bavaria to get the Lederhosen altered. I've lost weight surprisingly), where I'm doing some shows and workshops in schools. 

As I was driving to the airport in Victoria this morning we passed a police…

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2016 ....The O'Brien Awakens 

I have been in hibernation. Difficult to explain but the whole tech side of this mad business completely managed to fill me with dread and foreboding, like waiting to see what the new Star Wars movies would be like. I liked it, I got a free ticket which always helps. I also I made the huge mistake of dressing up in costume. Now I probably shouldn't have attempted Princess Leia, but I thought it would be unique...only joking! I went as Han Solo, white shirt, black waistcoat , and a black microphone as a…Read more

Twenty fish, five Germany’s and a rainbow of embarrassment 

The train is a perfect de-stresser for the rush of losing (then finding) a passport. However, I must have looked quite odd to my fellow passengers (nothing new there), smiling to myself at regular intervals with the odd giggle.

I had received an email translation of a newspaper review of my Flensburg show. I’d played a new song titled "Plenty other fish in the sea," the words of a parent meant to ease the pain of an adolescent break-up. Although the review was well-written, the writer misheard the title and…