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Fall Tour 2016 October 22nd 

Fall Tour Blog, somewhere in Germany, perhaps the 6th week? 
(The details get a little sketchy after a few weeks on the road.) 

I am on a train from Hamburg to Rodgau, via Hanau. 
I think it's October the 14th. Well, I hope it is as I've got a gig in Rodgau on the 14th...shoot, maybe it was September? 

As usual, I am really good at writing a blog at the start of the tour, but then the gigs start and the trying to hide from all of the screaming fans kicks in and I'm toast, so this is all from memory. 


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Dear Friends,
I am so happy to say that I am about to leave for another tour of Switzerland and Germany. It has been a beautiful summer for me and the family. This is our last summer busking on the streets of Victoria, and as I write this entry we will play our very last show as buskers. We started 9 years ago and I cannot thank everybody who listened and even threw some money into the guitar case, or bought a cd, etc. etc. You have given our family amazing memories. We have not retired! We will play concerts and events, but our days as street entertainers are over.

So, back to business! My Fall Tour often takes place more in schools and doing workshops, and that is no different this time. However, I am very happy to be playing new venues and revisiting some old ones too.


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Thanks so much for listening.
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